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Without Livprop - Sends all enquiries to a single form. Wasted time attending to junk leads. Lost opportunities due to time lag.With Livprop - Proactive 24x7 live chat generates quality leads. Prioritize Leads based on quality. Integrated Cloud Telephony for lead interactions.Here's how it works.

Catch customer attention

Our chat agents engages visitors within seconds of landing on your website.

Generate up-to 300% more leads

Truly personalized engagement generates 300% more leads.

Mobile-first Lead Management

Livprop lead connect sends qualified leads immediately to your sales team through lead connect.

Experience Proactive Chat


Are qualified leads too costly??
Getting quality leads and traffic is really hard for most businesses. To acquire and convert more sales-leads, you need to personalize website engage for each individual visitor.
Gain 2X more Leads
With Livprop live chat services, now you can get incrementally more leads and better marketing ROI. Our 24/7 chat agents proactively connects, engages and converts your website visitors.
Want a better way of managing leads?
Get relieved from the pain staking process of identifying and qualifying individual leads. Is there a better way of actually converting the acquired leads into sales opportunities?
Handle only pre-qualified leads
Our 24/7 chat agents qualifies website leads when they're live on your website. By accurately understanding visitor preferences, we'll pre-qualify website leads and hand-them over to the sales team.
Struggling to manage multiple lead generation channels?
Do you struggle to manage all lead channels? Instead of trying to keep track of Facebook, website and phone calls for incoming leads, could there be a more practical workflow form managing all your opportunities?
Handle only pre-qualified leads
Through seamless API integration, LivProp allows you to consolidate all inbound leads in a single dashboard. You can also use Livprop mobile app to manage all the leads acquired through chat.
Can live chat improve website experience?
Today, a visitor is expected to complete their website visit easily within a few steps. Can trained 24/7 live chat agents create a seamless website experience.
Create an improved brand experience
By proactively live chat answering services, you can instantly improve your website experience. With a completely customized chat window, you’ll be able to create a superior brand experience.
What about data security?
How to ensure the security of critical lead data? Is it possible to ensure that only the website owner gets access to the lead data?
Patent-pending data confidentiality
LivProp offers patent-pending end-to-end data encryption feature allows data to be decrypted only at authorized customer-end. This means your data is leak-proof and hack-proof.

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