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our AI will handle simple inquiries like location, accommodation preferences, etc, on your websites & social media channels while potential leads are pushed to our live 24/7 agents for better conversions.
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4 Simple Steps

Bring your projects closer to your customers through Facebook, WhatsApp, websites, or other online channels.
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    Same day ONBOARDING to your online channel
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    Greeting & FILTERING of leads by our conversational AI
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    PROSPECTING of leads by our exclusive live agents
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    LIVE TRANSFER of most potential leads in real-time

What makes our Live Transfer feature so unique? How do you benefit?
We offer the flexibility of transferring the ongoing visitor interaction session from our agents to your sales team seamlessly.

Get instantly notified on site visit & closure leads as they are still online!

LivProp connects you directly to the most potential site visit leads in real-time.

LivProp On Your Website

Click to enter your website URL & see LivProp Window in action!

We Never Log Out!

LivProp ensures every prospective buyers on your website, social media channels, are attended to 24/7.
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    Trained 24/7 Agents

    Live interaction with human agents that is understanding a buyers requirement and provide information accordingly which influences the buyers decision.

    At LivProp, we provide agent support round the clock. Our agents are well-trained to align their approach, strategy, and style consistent with your brand image.
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    Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered chatbots can be customized in a conversational style. Communications like, location, price, bhk type can be answered by the chatbot.

    You may automate tasks like site visit booking as per the visitors convenience or also connect the visitor with your sales representative immediately over a call.
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    Power of Chatbot + Human Agents

    The hybrid interaction service includes both AI chatbots and trained human executives, working in tandem at every step of the buyer’s journey using a feature-packed engagement system.

    By automating simple customer queries using a chatbot, you can reserve human agents for more complex queries and improve customer satisfaction, eventually leading to increased conversions!

The Real Deal

Interact & engage your online visitors, integrate CRM, manage site visit. Try us for free.
  • 100% responsive
    Our professional agents ensure customer queries get answered within 50 seconds without spilling out any leads.
  • 10 hours on-boarding
    Go live with our customer engagement services in LESS than 10 business hours from signing up!
  • 70x affordable
    Our tailored 24/7 customer service can lessen your cost of managing an in-house team by more than half.

Affordable Pricing for Everyone

1 time setup charges ₹12,000 + Tax + Platform Charges for the Conversational AI package. Grab it NOW!
  • PRO Engagement

    24/7 Live Human Agents
    1 time setup charges
    • ✓
      Free 140 Live interactions
    • ✓
    • ✓
      All Integrations
      Website/Form/CRM/QR code
    • ✓
      Facebook integration
    • ✓
      WhatsApp Integration
    • ✓
      Live Transfer
    • ✓
      5 FAQ Changes
    • ✓
      Customised Chat window design
  • ALL-in-ONE

    Hybrid System - interaction with human & AI bot
    1 time setup charges
    • ✓
      Free 80 Live interactions
    • ✓
    • ✓
      All Integrations
      Website/Form/CRM/QR code
    • ✓
      Facebook integration
    • ✓
      WhatsApp Integration
    • ✓
      Live transfer
    • ✓
      Customised Greetings/Chat window design
  • Conversational AI

    Full Bot Platform
    1 time setup charges
    + Platform Charges Applicable
    • ✓
    • ✓
      All integrations
    • ✓
      Live transfer
    • ✓
      Available 24/7

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Improve Your Workflow

Whether increasing sales and revenue, providing faster customer support, or delivering a better customer experience - WE have got it covered.
  • Built with passion for

    • 24/7 Customer engagement
    • Improving customer experience
    • Appointment management
  • One-stop solution

    • WhatsApp Integration
    • Facebook Integration
    • Calendly integration
    • QR codes
    • Third-party CRM Integrations
  • Top features

    • Real time call connect from our bot/agent to business
    • Live chat transfer from our agent to business
    • Real-time monitoring of performances of sales and marketing
    • Well-trained agents who can align with your brand values

Meet Our All-India Super Team!

They are our pillars of strength and innovation. Together we work very hard to provide an awesome experience for you.
  • 1516550238832
    Ranganathan V
    An Innovator to the core, Mr Ranganathan has an established reputation for solving complex engineering & social problems through IT-based solutions. An accomplished Innovation Expert, he now mentors start-ups and Entrepreneurs in their pursuit of Business Excellence.
  • 1516340184598
    Vinod R Iyer
    With his unique blend of Strategic vision and hands on approach to problem solving, Vinod is the driving force behind LivProp being a go-to customer engagement solution for online SMB businesses.
  • 1598506260736 2
    Milind D P
    Senior Management
    An Entrepreneurship Evangelist at heart, Milind has been at the forefront of promoting & advocating the use of Digital Transformation Products & Services to add competitive advantage to micro, small & medium enterprises.

Operating from Bengaluru, LivProp's global business serves over 1 million visitors online every month.

We owe this overwhelming success to our dedicated team members, who have been around since 2011 in powering communications between businesses and their customers across multiple industries and online platforms.

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