About Us

"We’re a team of 24x7 dedicated live chat agents striving to deliver better website visitor experiences."

And henceforth, better lead conversion rates. Our expert human live agents excel at managing your pre-sales and customer service interactions. Out agents helps you generate more qualified leads, qualify acquired leads and fix more appointments.

In short, we enable you to maximize the value of your website traffic.

Why choose Livprop 24x7 chat services?

Let’s look at six solid reasons why we could be best live chat service provider for your business.

  1. Well-trained live agents with experience of handling high traffic websites.
  2. 24x7x365 days operations. We never log-off(even on national holidays)
  3. Consistently increase lead conversions by upto 300%
  4. Improves customer satisfaction NPS (Net promoter score).
  5. Can manage Facebook conversations through API integrations.
  6. More affordable pricing structure - per chat or dedicated chat agent.
  7. Contractually-obliged confidentiality of services.

Together, we help your website keep making money even while you are sleeping or spending quality family time or even polishing your Nunchaku skills.()

A Sneak Peak into how we work

We deliver effective engagement, one line at a time.

Our well-trained chat agents work in three different shifts to provide uninterrupted 24x7 services. We also rotate our off-days to maintain highest quality while maintaining a good work-life balance.

Client portfolio

We focus on providing the best experience for our clients and their website prospects. Thereby, we keep our client details completely confidential. Reach-out to us to discuss more about the scope of our services.

(We sign agreements not to disclose our client identity. This means that we handle interactions as a part of your team, not on-behalf of your team. Let’s discuss about individual requirements through

Vision & Motto

Mission Statement

First of all, we foster an environment of career opportunity and excellence. Our team of chat agents enabled by chatbots tools creates a seamless online experience on our client websites. Through adopting a Chabot to screen online visitors, we will be able to offer 24x7 chat services at the highest quality and budget-friendly terms.

Vision Statement

Today, we are working with over 300+ brands. Our team of chat agents will continue creating seamless online experiences on our client websites. Through adapting our online engagement strategy and operations, our clients will see incremental differences in their revenue and online trust.

Company Facts

Customer's Testimonial

Livprop chat agents had measurable impact on our overall website conversion rates. They are also good at working with our internal sales team.

Marketing Team

The Pergola

The 24x7 chat support has allowed our customers to reach out any point in time. This means more better customer satisfaction.



Live chat services are significantly undervalued in most businesses who spends a small fortune on marketing activities. Livprop closes that gap.