Five solid ways live chat system will increase your website lead Conversions

24x7-chat-agents can help you manage branding, lead interactions, better quality and server uptime

If you’re depending on your website for leads or sales, you might have noticed a disconcerting trend – it has become even harder to achieve lead or sales conversion. You need to formulate a different strategy to convert incoming visitors into paying customers.

A live chat system could be this missing link that drives visitors into becoming customers.

Let me explain.

Most of your inbound website visitors are casually comparing and researching from one website to another. Unless you can proactively engage and respond to each visitor, you might lose out on a significant portion of your website revenue.

Leads are getting costlier, day by day!!

If a business can consistently generate quality leads, it has a high probability of success. Because of this, businesses tend to invest heavily in both organic and paid campaigns to acquire online traffic.

Let’s think about it for a moment!

If you’re drawing parallels with a physical store, it involves the visitor walking into a store and leaving without making a purchase or enquiry.

Can you imagine a customer using your shop as a detour to your competitors’ shop?

It’s equally odd to have a visitor come and leave for your competitor website. In other words, this means that you’re wasting your marketing budget on leads that don’t turn into paying customers.

In this blog, we will look into seven different ways where you can utilize a live chat system to generate better quality leads. Later, you can have a better chance of turning these leads into paying customers as they have already engaged with your business.

  1. Conversion optimization is a local Maxima
24x7 chat agents will engage with your visitors better

If you’re thinking about increasing leads, you may have grown to think about conversion optimization in the same sentence. But it’s just not true for all businesses.

Let’s say that you are consistently generating a fixed number of leads for given traffic. Next, you need to increase leads. Normally, you’ll able to noticeably increase leads by just tinkering on the different elements on a website or your landing page.

But, a conversion optimization process also has several disadvantages within its process.

Ultimately, this may not yield the best results for your marketing efforts. Instead, you can try optimizing your pages to generate the maximum leads.

Your business may not be best equipped to manage the experiments and protocols of a “conversion optimization process.” You may need large developmental resources to undertake a conversion optimization process.

All in all, the CRO may not be the best way to increase leads for your small and medium scale business websites.

Instead, you can try out live chat to directly turn your website visitors into customers. If you can positively engage customers, it may be enough to overcome any potential misalignment in a user interface or online experience.

2. Create a Branded Customer Experience

It’s no secret that an average visitor will visit multiple similar websites before making a buying decision.

Normally, each of these websites can appear to be unequivocally similar. In this situation, you need to take steps to make differentiate your website from other business websites.

Most businesses try to differentiate themselves through website copy or design. Most visitors simply scan don’t really care about these expensively crafted pages. Hence, it’s not the most effective way to spend your hard earned money.

A live chat system can engage with each visitor on a systematic basis. It’ll provide a way to engage with visitors while you provide personalized engagement to your visitor on a one-to-one basis. By personalizing overall website engagement, it’ll help you convey information.

A live chat system provides a more systematic way of engaging with each individual visitor. Through a live chat system, a visitor will be able to ask a specific question.

This question could be “Is you live chat expensive?”

Rather than ask the customer to check-out pricing page, it’s best to explain the pricing structure and help the user to pick the right package. This makes your business more memorable and helps you to more easily pick-out the right software.

2.Thinking about lead cost, think about CPA

Today, most companies suffer from disconnect between marketing and sales teams. Marketing teams need to maximize leads while sales team demand highest quality leads which converts to paying customers.

Without the right tracking system, marketing teams might not be able to track whether each lead gets converted into a paying customer. Most organizations try to implement CRM platform’s that can track the quality of each lead.

In this dilemma, a lead qualification system can be much more effective at bringing sales and marketing teams onto the same page. A live chat system provides a much cost-friendly alternative to lead tracking.

A live agent can instantly qualify or reject each lead based on the quality of interaction. In turn, this will help you create a shorter feedback loop for lead management.

  1. Turning social interactions into opportunities

Even today, most businesses are still cornered into considering their online campaigns as their primary source of new opportunities. But, it happens to be a complete misnomer.

As a marketer, you might be able to proactively drive leads through your facebook or Google ads. But a prospect that connects with your business through Facebook chat is significantly more likely to become a paying customer.

You can also arguably state that Facebook chat is the fastest way to connect with your online audience.

Once you’re able to connect and engage with visitors through facebook, you’ll be better suited to converting them into paying customers.

In this way, you can utilize Facebook chat to proactively drive online conversations. This will help you to connect with your audience and accelerate the sign-up process for your business.

Bucket customers based on their individual requirements

Have you ever tried building an email list but ended up with a email database that doesn’t make any sense?

Let’s say, you start collecting leads by driving visitors to landing page or facebook signups. Later, it may become problematic for your business.

You need to collect information about their budget and individual requirements. In this way, you can build more context about the “why-and-how” of your website core requirement. You can also decide on how your website gets more visitors.

You can partially collect these data through programmatic cookies. Otherwise, you can also collect this data through bucketing visitors based on live chat.

In this way, you would be able to categorically target visitors based on their specific requirement. In turn, your live chat will be able to get more visitors on a consistent basis.


If you’re considering all these aspects of live chat, you can conclusively state that live chat is a great way to increase your website lead conversions.

In fact, it’s conclusively a great CRO tactic.

And, this leads to the important question: – Can you generate more customers through simply having live chat on your website?

On the other hand, it’s also possible that bad live chat experience could lose your valuable opportunities. Rather, it’s better to have a team of experienced professionals to manage live chat on your website to acquire more leads.

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