Four tips for brand new Real estate agents to beckon success

If you’re a successful real estate agent, you’re probably set for life.

But a brand new real estate agent will have a steep and arduous learning curve.  And, you’ll need every tip and trick to get better at the trade.

In this blog, we will discuss four tips for real estate agents to become successful in their pursuit. And, we will conclude with how you can also be a good real estate agent while getting more through life.

What Real estate agents actually do?

Most novice real estate agents has a false impression about their job. They believe that a successful realtor agent is always in constant state of panic. They are always running around looking for a better opportunity or lead or partner etc.

In essence, they could be side-lined if they could have an infinite supply of leads. For example,

In all these cases, the real estate agents can easily see

If you can take-up a lead from the initial stages and drive them close sales deals, it’ll help you achieve more sales for your project throughout the daily basis.

Being a real estate agent is a highly lucrative and profitable career. At the same time, each real estate market usually gets dominated by only a handful of highly successful realtor agents.

To be successful, a real estate agent not only needs to work hard, but make smart choices.

These five tips for real estate agents are based on real-life experience of successful realtor agents.
By having the right real estate market insights, real estate agents can start making the right decisions. The right market experience can even bridge the difference between real-life market experiences.
Without further adieu, let’s go through the five tips that could be immensely beneficial to any ambitious real estate agent.

1. Keep an eye on open listings

As a real estate agent, you need to first find the prospects that are willing to sell their property at a reasonable price. This could be a big pain point for most realtor agents.

As a realtor, you are paid based on percentage. This means that you need to focus a large number of deals to make a sizable profit. Unless you are offering a reasonable property price, it might lead to a lengthy negotiation about prices and positioning.

Instead, the realtor agents can instantly start closing more deals by more carefully picking the projects. This would make the entire sales prospecting and closure much easier.

For this, the real estate agents need to first find the right property.

Having to always keep an eye on open listings of each area could be a great way to achieve this objective. Ideally, it would help them to zero-in on the right properties that one could start prospecting for their business.

 2. Be more Likable

Let’s think about the most difficult trait to achieve as a real estate agent.

It’s the uphill task of being continually likeable; even as you start to discuss pricing details with your clients. In this situation, most agents have even grown a dislike for an ‘always-smiling’ persona of a realtor agent.

In this situation, the real estate agents should begin with solid relationships with their potential customers. This would require building trust and transparency with individual prospects. In turn, this would continually help you resonate with their audience. This could help your prospects to scale over better relationships.

3. Create a life-long habit of learning

As a common idea, real estate is considered a legacy business. If you believe this, it could be said real estate has practically remained the same for the last few decades.

But, this isn’t true.

The real estate markets have evolved at the way the business and customers interact with each other. Today, the agents, builders and re-sellers are all part of a healthy real estate ecosystem.

In order to succeed, you need to keep your hand on the pulse of the real estate market. This would help real estate agents to positively position themselves within the real estate market. This would let you consistently reap profits from client deals.

4. Keep a swipe file of client testimonials

As mentioned earlier, the success of a realtor agent begins with finding the right realtor seller.

A successful real estate agent will be always able to consistently find high quality real estate sellers. On the other hand, the right prospects are also good at filtering out the right prospects.

In this situation, the onus falls on the realtor agent to impress the prospect quick and early in their journey.

For this, a successful real estate agent will have a swipe file of successful previous conversations. This could be achieved through an easily demonstrable swipe file of previous client success stories.


In the present age, having to enter and thrive on the highly profitable real estate market can be a tough challenge. At the same time, most realtor markets presents plenty of opportunity for an aspired real estate agent.

Let’s have a chat to learn how technology can successful resolve many pain points of a real estate agent.

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