Professional Live chat etiquette: Comprehensive checklist to a better website experience

Today, a live chat personnel is akin to a companies sales person.

And, a highly successful salesperson has one critical skill above all else… They are easily likeable which makes them more memorable and irreplaceable.

With your business website being your companies’ virtual persona, it’s expected to deliver a memorable experience online.

But then, how?

The answer is “professionally trained live chat etiquette.”

Let me explain.

Today, most business begins with an online interaction. In other words, your website is the bridge between your business and a pool of potential future customers.

In this situation, the right ‘training and practice’ at your live chat interactions can make an immense difference to your business. In this blog, we’ll look into the main etiquette and reasons why live chat is an important aspect for your business.

Where does the right Live chat etiquette come-in?

Once again, let’s examine the case of a website.

As discussed, website would become the primary touch point for all ongoing business interactions. Getting this right would mean succeeding on different fronts of your business.

If you can optimally manage your primary interaction, it’ll undoubtedly bring steam to all your future business conversations.

Now, let me assume that we are on an agreement that a live chat option is imperative to your website. Without further adieu, let’s consider the different must-have ‘live chat etiquettes’ to facilitate a professional web experience.

Have a better set of Greetings

In most circumstances, a live chat operator may be tempted to go with “Hello Visitor” as a permanent template for a new greeting.

But this can quickly get old and stale. Instead, a website could have a greeting that’s customized to the time of the day. Also, the greeting could be customized based on the type of website. For example, if it’s an eCommerce website targeting millennial, the ideal greeting could be “Welcome sunshine”, which appeals to the taste of a millennial.

Avoid having repetitive conversations

In a high traffic website, a live chat agent would need to handle a large volume of chat interactions. Usually, these chat interactions may even resemble each other based on their requirements.

But, this also gives an usually problem. These live chat conversations may quickly loose its charm and doesn’t provide the desired results. In this situation, you need to have a better library of templates to drive live chat interactions.

Master a casual tone of conversation

From what i have seen, most chat agents struggle with the right tone to manage a chat conversation. Often, chat agents veer towards a too casual or too uptight mode of interactions.

Either of these isn’t too conductive for creating a productive live chat conversation. In this situation, a chat conversation that utilizes the right balance between casual and uptight conversation has maximum chances of conversion.

Get properly trained on website offerings

When a visitor chats with a live chat agent, there will be an expectation for actual insight or resolutions. In this situation, a live chat agent should be able to do more than just direct visitor to a particular website section.

In the form of a proper etiquette, a live chat agent should be able to understand the visitor query and offer an actionable resolution.


When properly applied, a live chat experience can immense difference to your business bottom-line. If misused, a live chat experience can be an immense pain point within your website experience. You might even start loosing your qualified website leads.

In this situation, live chat support provided with a professional live chat etiquette can be a game changer. Let’s have a chat to see our own live chat etiquette with our chat support.

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