7 Great Lead Gen Tactics for Real Estate Agents in 2019

A successful real estate strategy would be essentially people-focused. This means a great real estate marketing strategy will revolve around its target consumers – how to reach to them, how to message them and how to convert those customers?

In this, right realtor campaign will tickle and instigate the needs, aspirations and desires of your audience. Live chat for real estate is best equipped to manage all these requirements through a unified platform.

If your campaign positively resonates with your target audience, it’ll instantly start generating interest and project sales. All these can be only done through the use of the right live chat software for realtors.

Simultaneously, a good marketing campaign will also explore the available market opportunities. For this, you reach out and appeal to the right target audience.

Based on this, experts expect 2019 to be a prosperous year for the real estate industry.

In this year, the millennial are expected to finally make their first real estate investment.  With the millennial generation proving their higher earning power, the real estate market will be bullish on the urban areas.

With this in mind, real estate marketing should primarily resonate with the millennial generation. In this article, we will discuss how real estate companies that utilize better lead generation tactics are better positioned for success. We will also discuss why live chat may better appeal to the millennial crowd.

Understanding marketing to millennials

Without the right understanding, the millennial buyers might be considered as extravagant and easily persuaded. But, the truth could be the exact opposite. Based on our experience, here are some true facts about millennial purchase preferences.

  1. Millennial are great at researching and comparing project to get the best price.
  2. Millennial are usually comfortable with investing on luxury projects.
  3. Millennial always put work-life balance on high priority

In this article, we will discuss the right tactics and technologies to reach-out and convert the right audience among the realtor marketplace.

1.Online reputation management

First of all, let’s ask an important question online.

“What’s the most valuable asset online?”

And, the correct answer is your “online reputation.”

Being digitally comfortable, a millennial would likely read-through the multiple online reviews before making any purchase decision. This happens to be especially true when it comes to real estate investment.

For this, a realtor should start continually monitoring and reviewing everything that gets posted around their business brand. This includes their social profiles, review portals such as yelp and other business pages.

Also, the realtor also should make one-self easily available to their customers.

In this way, the business can potentially guide any customer dissent to a successful conclusion. This prevents having negative reviews getting spilled-onto any online portals.

2. Creating a referral campaign

As you may know, the traditional advertising methods may not be the best way to appeal to the millennial generation.

Well, let me explain.

As a generation, millennials’ have grown exposed to the most sophisticated marketing strategies approaches. When marketing to a millennial, the traditional marketing campaigns may not have the expected impact.

On the other hand, a typical millennial share strong bonds of friendship and professional relationships. For this reason, millennial would pay attention to the opinion of their friend or colleague ahead of even a multi-million dollar advertising campaign.

This means that a realtor should always try to instigate positive word of mouth. In turn, this could turn out to be referral leads and purchases. Also, a good referral campaign can significantly bring down the cost of acquiring a new customer.

With this in mind, a realtor should always try to instigate a better word of mouth from their existing customers. This could be achieved through a strong referral campaign.

Also, a good referral campaign will help you acquire customers at a much lesser cost. In turn, this would give the realtor an option to incentivize any new purchases.

3. Instagram marketing

Today, there are different social media channels suited to the different industries and their nuanced requirements.

Today, the arena of social media is essentially spoiled for choices. If you search, you can find that a different social media channels are designed to meet the nuanced requirements of different target audience groups.

Between the different social media channels, you could struggle to find the right channel to reach and engage your target audience. In this place, Instagram is an already popular channel that’s widely used by the millennial audience.

In their instagram pages, realtors can start posting extensive stories about their projects, interiors, features, amenities etc…In this way, the realtors can build both their brands and project visibility across the board.

4. Optimize the interactions to maximize for “attention-span”

With the increasing prominence of online media, attention has become the most valuable commodity for the millennial generation. In this sense, any website or marketing campaign should be able to gain retain customer attention.

In this situation, any marketing campaign should be able to acquire and maintain a steady level of customer attention.

For example, let’s say a millennial have visited your website. If you don’t engage with your visitors right away, there’s a good chance of your visitor leaving the website.

In this situation, there should be a strategy to proactively engage with your website visitor. This could be live chat interaction service on the website or a landing page optimized to a customer profile.

In this situation, the right message would be compelling enough for the website visitor to continue with a series of action that would end-up in the right lead conversion.

5. E-mail marketing

At present, you can pick-and-choose between a number of marketing channels and tactics. Among these, email marketing is considered an old and worn-out tactic.

But at the hands of a good marketer, email campaigns remains to be a very powerful marketing channel.

Let’s look into what an email marketing campaign going for it.

  1. Email remains ‘one-medium-of-communication’ that unifies the different demographics and geographies. Potentially, you can engage with everyone through the right use of emails.
  2. Emails remain an independent channel of communication with your prospects. With an engaged email audience, you could unaffected by changes or updates made by any of the marketing companies.
  3. Utilize better audience targeting – You can control who receives your email through effective segmentation and trigger-based campaigns. This will enable you to control your email messaging and timing based on a set of parameters.

This means that an effective campaign should be geared to better understand the audience. By acquiring effective audience insights, you’ll also be able to better target and acquire prospects.

6. Landing page conversion optimization

For any experienced marketer, there are multiple ways to attract audience to their target website. Simultaneously, it’s getting harder to convert that audience into paying customers. In this sense, it’s important to make the visitors take action on the website.

In other words, you need to have the right landing page conversion strategy.

Let me essentially show you a simple landing page optimization strategy.

Essentially CRO is making small measured changes based on accurate customer understanding. If you can make the right CRO changes, it’ll significantly boost the overall conversion for the website.

Instead of the highly complicated customer profiling and segmentation, you can also personalize interactions through a live chat service. With livprop, our trained agents gain an accurate understanding of your visitor needs and works on providing the right answers to your visitors.


For real estate industry across the globe, the price of a qualified prospect has increased incrementally over the years. Simultaneously, the prospects are more likely to get restless and walk-away from even close-to-done deals.

In this situation, realtors need to constantly innovative and improve the way of reaching-out and engaging with their audience. Otherwise, they could be possibly overtaken by more aspiring competitors.

In this blog, we laid out a brief overview of the different innovative ways of connecting and engaging with new customers. At Livprop chat services, we help businesses to connect and engage with the right audience segments to improve the final lead conversions. Connect with me on @ jayakrishnan @ livprop .com


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