Three simple tips to build an evergreen loyal following like tom cruise

From doing enthralling halo jumps in one movie to going a full-out fighter pilot, we can reasonably assume that there isn’t a movie star in the world who can beat tom cruise in doing airborne stunts.

But there’s something that tom cruise does even better!

And, that’s the ability to build a loyal following who’ll give a great opening for his movies.

In your business, you need to ready-for-battle and open with 24/7 assistance.

Whether it’s hit such as “Mission: Impossible – Fallout” or a box office victim like the Last samurai, almost all tom cruise movies have built his audience. With each movie, tom cruise builds his stature and general audience following for his next movie.

He has his audience always engaged and ready-for-more…(something a chat agent would do for your business.)

Some stars have momentarily overtaken tom, only to fall behind the everlasting juggernaut. If we take anything from the trending trailer for Top Gun: Maverick, the tom cruise bandwagon could be scaling even more heights in the coming year.

Some stars have momentarily overtaken tom, only to fall behind the everlasting juggernaut.

If we take anything from the trending trailer for Top Gun: Maverick, the tom cruise bandwagon is only aiming for even further heights in coming years.

Engage and connect better with the audience


When it comes to the movie business, engaging and connecting with the audience is a misnomer. i.e most movies have large scale marketing budgets that get used-up for running prime time ads or even a billboard in Times Square.

But they overlook a much more important factor.

Tom cruise’s understated ability to connect with the fan base across the globe.

For example, today Asian audience could potentially decide whether a Hollywood movie is a financial success or just a break-even.

During the release of his big-budget movie, tom cruise often goes to the extent of doing hundreds of interviews with journalists across the globe. This could mean hundreds of repetitive interviews that could potentially become exhausting. For example, check out the number of interviews conducted associated with the release of MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 6 Fallout.

Likewise, a business should also discover every potential opportunity to connect and engage with their audience. Be it website live chat or proactive response to any leads, each opportunity to engage with the customer should be properly utilized and leveraged.

In turn, this would lead to better customer relationship and future business prosperity.

Don’t listen to your audience but do what they will love (eventually)


It’s a popular adage that actors do 70% of roles for their audience and 30% for the artist in one-self. And, it’s really hard to find this balance.

Most actors tend to get worn-out by simply trying to find this balance.

But tom cruise does it differently…

Almost every movie that he does resonates with his actual personality and hobbies.

This makes his every character genuine and authentic on a much deeper level. And, this practically makes him the greatest character actor without actually being so… 🙂 Seriously, you need to compare him with Daniel day Lewis or someone like that.

Accidentally, his as audience tend to love them too…

Similarly, you need to focus on understanding your market and core-audience requirement. Let’s say you have a vocal audience that asks for a particular product or service. But, even then you need to focus on your core strength. Later, this would bring you a much bigger audience knocking at your doors.

Let there be something unique each time

At present, each action movie gives you an ambiguous feeling that it’s coming from the same iron cast. But, you can’t say that about tom cruise movies.

Almost every tom cruise movie has a unique sequence that’ll remain itched forever. Whether it’s the halo jump from Mission: Impossible – Fallout or the hilarious Les Grossman Dance from tropic thunder, there’s something unique about each action sequence.

Similarly, you need something unique and exuberant associated with each project or marketing. You can say this is a pre-requisite to catching your audience attention and potentially going viral.


Despite some flops over the years, most Tom Cruise movies continue to be eagerly expected in the market. Whether you’re a tom cruise fan or not, there are certain lessons that you can take away from the way almost all blog post. Some of them are

  1. Continually engage and communicate with your fans or prospects
  2. Be genuine and authentic
  3. Surprise your audience by giving them something better each time.

In short, you can possibly model your business success after the great movie star our generation.

Image source: http://portent.com

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