Everything you need to know about live chat auto-responders

live chat autoresponder

If you start your live chat interactions with a solid handshake, it’ll be the live chat autoresponder message.

They can warmly greet your visitors or show them a perfectly legit reason to slide with your competition.

First of all, let’s define what’s an autoresponder.

During any live chat interaction, the auto-responders are the first-thing viewed by a lead or prospect.

Having the right live chat auto-responder will instantly resonate with the reader. Meanwhile, a wrong auto-responder can drive-away your customer or lead prospect.

First of all, let’s see why auto-responder messages are important and how they can improve website experiences.

What’s a live chat auto-responder message?

The live chat auto-responder is simply the default text that appears on the chat window before the live agent or Chabot takes-up the conversation. You need to have a contextually relevant and appeasing auto-responder message to ensure maximum participation of chat agent or client.

By having the right auto-responder, you can ensure that the recipient receives and engage with the live chat at a high level.

How auto-responders make a difference to your website experience?

By optimizing the autoresponder message, you can significantly improve the quality of your customer interaction.

Here are some of the benefits.

·    Proactively initiate chat interaction

·    Convey positive intent before initiating chat

·    Cut-short chat waiting time

·    Resonate with the user need

By optimizing for live chat auto-responder, you can receive and respond to your website messages in the easiest possible way.

How to write the perfect auto responder for your Support?

If you are observational, you might have noticed that most businesses prefer ‘live chat’ as their preferred mode of communication.

As a support channel, live chat is quicker and cheaper compared to phone / email.

Now, you just need to always convince your customer to choose live chat as the preferred option for customer support.

A perfect live auto-responder message can be split into different parts. These parts are

Part 1. Establish credibility and amicable relationship with the customer.

Part 2. Proactively volunteer to resolve customer problem.

In a well-balanced live chat auto-responder, both these will work cohesively for better results.

Let’s take a look at some real-life examples.

First, let’s review how Zappos creates this chatflow that keeps their customers happy while they wait to be responded..

Thank you for chatting it up with Zappos today! A resident Zapponian is looking at the information you provided and will be with you shortly.

zappos live chat autoresponder

In the initial message, you’re thanked and informed that a zappos representative will shortly contact you. The reference ‘Zapponian’ ensures that your support agent is hands-on with the situation while giving a cool zing to the conversation.

In the next step, you are concocting the ingredients for that magic chemistry with your customer. Potentially, this could lead the way to a more prolific future conversation.

zappos live chat optimization

Essentially, these steps help you achieve customer satisfaction which in-turn improves the metrics such as NPS that gets reflected across the board.

How to write the perfect auto responder for your Sales Chat?

Next, let’s consider the significance of an auto-responder within a sales scenario.

To begin with, you could land website visitors through either paid or organic campaign. Either way, you need a proactively engaging live chat auto-responder to initiate the chat conversation.

Actually, the auto-responder message could be the difference between a website visitor who bounces-off straight away or goes further down the sales funnel.

First of all, you need to avoid overly sales messages. This could be the difference between “Welcome to live chat” or “our sales expert will assist you soon.”

If you are overly focusing on your sales efforts, it’ll be likely off-putting to the visitor.

Next, your autoresponder message should be focusing on your ideal target customer.

At Copyhackers, Joanna Wiebe explained why the copy should reflect the level of awareness of the user.

live chat messager tool

Similarly, the context of the live chat auto-responder should reflect the level of awareness of the user.

In other words, you should concisely explain how your service or product can directly fulfil the visitor need.

At our own website, the live chat auto-responder message reads

“Hello Visitor, Let’s have a chat about how we can improve your website engagement and leads!”

Based on our data, we understand our core visitors need. The core interest of our website visitors lies at inbound lead generation and customer experience optimization.

With this in mind, most of our messages are catering to this website visitor requirement. This helped us include the message with the most fulfilling value proposition in our auto-responder message.


Beautifying Live chat auto-responders

Most website owners spend too much time polishing their website design, templates and even footer content. Live chat window gets a significant portion of your customer attention.

You can beautify your auto-responder messages by following these simple steps.

  1. Review how the message appears in the chatbox.
  2. Avoid complex sentences
  3. Test the sentence for easy understanding
  4. The message should prompt action.
  5. Visually appealing in the chatbox.

As the final pointer, you need to ensure that your live chat auto-responders are appealing to your audience.


Whether it’s sales or support chat, your visitors need to be nudged and guided to engage in a live chat interaction. A carefully crafted live chat auto-responder message can proactively engage your visitor. Later, your live chat agent can have effective and productive interaction with your visitor.

If you can get around to implementing these changes, it would make dramatic improvements to your live chat response rate and quality. All the best!

If you want to improve your website engagement, you can readily chat with our live agents or sign-up for a free trial.

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