Why live chat beats a chatbot at engaging visitors?

In 2019, the battle for customer acquisition is getting tougher and even more competitive. Most businesses are looking for any competitive edge that could help them win the market.

In this situation, there’s one factor that comes above all the other factors.

The factor is ‘better customer engagement.’

When it comes to engaging visitors on a real-time basis, there are mainly two tools at your disposal– i.e human live chat agent or an automated chatbot ?

If you’re a website owner, you might have already picked a choice. If not, you could be forced to make pick within a short time-frame.

In either case, you can think about this blog as a review of both sides of the table and why we think live chat still comes ahead of chat bots in-terms of customer engagement.

Now, let’s review the utilization of a chatbot or a live chat agent at engaging your users across the board.

How you can benefit through automatons?

Are automatons a bane or a curse?

Undoubtedly, all automatons have the ability to make our life easier. You can have a robot trained to repeat a process a million times without a hint of boredom. You can also easily calculate the productivity and effort of an automation principle.

An automation or chatbot will continue its availability 24×7, expect for the unlikely event of a technical breakdown.

All these add tangible value to an ongoing business operation. But they don’t offer anything ground-breaking. On the other hand, a live chat support can hone-in a much higher level of engagement with your existing website visitors.

How live chat can capture real visitor intent and attention?

As we have seen, a website automations could be a good addition to the website experience. But, they rarely do advance the visitor on their purchase journey. In other words, a chatbot can’t make an average visitor to purchase a product.

Let’s be real. It seems that people are still averse to a robot telling them how, on what and when to spend their hard earned money.

On the other hand, a live chat agent can build true engagement with your website visitor.  Let me draw an unfortunate picture where the customer is dissatisfied.

There would be an obvious difference between ”I’m sorry you had to face this issue, let me connect your call with another person” and a chatbot directing the visitor to a set of articles that concerns getting cashback.

One statement reflects true empathy while the other one is indifferent. It’s obvious which your customers would choose to connect with?

It’s obvious that the right technology can make your business blossom. But modern customers would still prefer a human touch when they have to make a real decision that involves quality investment. A live chat agent would be also able to take real advice from a human while not being solely limited to stored sentences that get fed to into chat window based on limited inputs.

Live chat is the fastest communication today and businesses use it in order to engage better with their customers. A live chat increases your chances of convincing your customers to increase your sales graph. With human interaction on the other end, an angry or a sad customer could be assisted well even without a glance. A research from a company online states that ”demand for live chat features on company websites grew by 8.3 percent in 2017”.


Customers are the reason why your status brand increases; they’re the best source of a better word of mouth advertising about your product, they are the reason why today your company stands out from the rest. If you use a bot service, what good will it do? Will it empathize with your different customer’s moods, will it be convincing enough to answer all the possible questions, will it convince your customer that taking advice from a machine is worth it?

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