How to Integrate qualified leads into Google Analytics?

If you are handling a large volume of leads, you might be constantly struggling with three challenges.

  • Finding qualified leads.
  • Prioritizing the qualified leads for your business.
  • Identifying marketing and/or sales activities that generated the quality leads

If you’re simply going by the number of leads generated, all leads could appear identical to each other. You may struggle to pick out the right leads that’ll convert into a buying customer.

For consistent business growth, you should always have access to qualified leads which turn into actual sales in the future.

What’s GA (Google Analytics)?

Google analytics is a website analytics platform that gives you both an overview and drilled-down version of your website activities. Through your Google analytics dashboards, you’ll be able to review different landing pages based on their total number of visitors, source of the traffic and how much time those visitors spent on the page.

Now, we’ll add qualified LivProp leads into your Google analytics landing page data.

If you have already signed-up with LivProp, you can straightaway start by following these simple steps. Otherwise, you can take a look at our outsourced live chat services.

Through our chat services, we will personalize each chat interaction to understand each visitor’s individual requirement. Based on their requirement, we will qualify whether the lead is a right fit for your business.

In case, a lead is found to be valid, these individual lead data gets pushed to your Google analytics through secure API. Within the LivProp system, all the lead data is encrypted. Through this encryption, you can decide who will be able to view the LivProp lead data based on access to the Google analytics data.

How to add LivProp lead data to your Google analytics?

LivProp lead data is tracked through Google analytics through creating individual goals for particular activity by the website visitor.

Through the Goal creation, you can review the number of qualified leads and visitors who initiated live chat.

Let’s see how we can create Goals within your Google analytics.

Adding Goals for everyone who initiated interaction

At first, we will start by adding all the website visitors who have initiated a live chat.

If your website page is receiving 100 visitors, let’s say 40 visitors have initiated live chat because they want to know more about the project.

For this, you need to first log-in to your GA account. Look for the admin Icon at the bottom left hand side.

  • Select Goals on the right-hand column.

  • Select Create "NEW GOAL".

  • Select ‘Custom’ and 'Continue'.

  • Create a Goal name as “LivservChatCount”. There is no need to change the Goal Slot ID.

  • Select ‘event’ for type and 'continue'.

Next, you need input the relevant ‘Goal details’ that’ll help you assign the ‘live chat initiation’ as a particular goal. Now you can 'Save the Goal'.

  • Similarly, you can create a new Goal for all visitors who have shared their lead contact information.

Integrating LivProp qualified Lead contact data into Google Analytics

Let’s say that you have a particular landing page receiving website visitors. These visitors have shared their contact information with through LivProp Chat window. Our chat system can pass-on this encrypted lead data into your authenticated Google analytics account.

You can create a new goal within GA though following the same process that we discussed above.

You can check the image below to understand more.

  • Next, you can pass-on your Google analytics information to us. We will pass-on our live chat data into your google analytics account.

Integrating LivProp data with your Google Analytics

We will take care of this part of the operation. You need to simply email us your GA code after you have signed-up for outsourced live chat services.

You can find your GA code by clicking on the top portion of your analytics dashboard.

  • Here you can check the UA-ID code for your GA account.

Kindly share this GA code with us and we will start sharing lead data with your Google analytics account.


In today's digital world, there are multiple online marketing channels. This includes Google organic search visitors, traditional Google ads, Google shopping ads, Facebook & Instagram ads, website banner ads etc…

To succeed, you need to pick-and-combine these different online marketing channels.

LivProp’s live chat services help you engage and qualify each website visitor. Based on our Google analytics integration, you can instantly learn which campaigns and channels are generating value for money.

This helps you make informed decisions in your marketing for higher ROI and better leads.

Kindly consider. In interested, we could implement the complete LivProp system in your website within days. Let’s discuss in the Chat window.