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Is your Lead to sales conversion rates too low?


Do you think that your website leads to sales closure rates aren’t high enough? Is your sales team wasting their time on unproductive lead conversations? Or you could even be consistently loosing-out to your competition at responding to your best online leads?

By having any of these lead capture and tracking issue, your sales team could start losing out on potential deal making opportunities. Let’s see how a lead tracking systemhelps you better manage your website leads.

Why most websites underperform?

Today, most websites are “underperformers” when it comes to discovering high quality prospects among their website visitors.

Today, most websites have different channels to attract target audience such as search, email, Facebook, Social media advertising etc...

By collecting leads through lead forms or pop-ups, your sales team may not be able to distinguish between a high-value sales lead and casual visitor. In the end, this will lead to your sales team struggling to pick-out the right opportunities among the acquired leads.

Or even worst, your competitors may have closed the deal by the time your sales team identified the opportunity.


Livprop Integrated sales Lead tracking app system


Livprop’s lead qualification and tracking system creates an overall better way of managing your website opportunities. Through Livprop’s integrated lead tracking system, you can streamline all website traffic through a single platform.

And, your sales team can focus on converting the qualified leads into paid customers.

Live chat qualification


At first, our live chat agents proactively engage with your website visitors on a 1:1 basis. This will help you drive personalized interactions with your individual website visitor.

At this point, the experienced live chat agents accurately identify potential high value closures. With the client approval, the qualified leads get handed over to the sales team.

Lead Handover App - Seamless lead transfer


Once the leads get acquired and qualified, it isn't a good idea to keep the prospects waiting for a response! Livprop's lead handover mobile app turns the communicating with qualified leads into a seamless and quick process.

Lead tracking System - Improve your sales to lead conversions

Based on the approval of individual leads, each individual lead gets updated on the sales lead tracking system. At this point, the sales professional takes-over communications with the qualified lead.

The Livprop mobile app lets you streamline the lead journey from the initial website interaction to the final closure. A sales lead tracking system also helps you

  • Reach Prospect before they lose their interest
  • Accelerate the sales prospecting
  • Get more personalized understanding of each lead.

In this way, a lead tracking app can maintain high-level performance for each acquired lead.


Advantages of a sales Lead tracking system

Livprop's lead tracking system helps you track all lead operations through a single mobile app. By always syncing your opportunity pool with the latest qualified website leads, your sales team can always reach out to the best available opportunities.

In this way, you can manage all your opportunities through the best real-time sales lead tracker system.

As it is, we’ve already seen that sales lead tracking system streamlines the entire sales closure workflow. By having a better lead to sales interaction flow, you'll be able to achieve the following goals.

Makes picking the right leads easier


With Livprop’s mobile app, you can be assured that your sales team is always pursuing the right opportunity. The mobile app showcases the available sales leads on the mobile app. This will help you make the right decision based on their quality and probability of closure.

Sync operations across the board

The Livprop sales lead tracker can go above and beyond helping you pick-out and pursue the right sales opportunity. It also helps you seamlessly streamline all opportunities within a single dashboard.

By enabling you to distribute leads at the earliest, it'll enable you to assign leads to each sale professional. Now, Start accelerating your entire sales prospecting with higher operational clarity.


Create better Sales reporting


Livprop sales lead tracking system can easily track your sales qualified leads through an unified system. Also, Livprop sale lead dashboard also easily integrates easily with your sales CRM system. Now, you can easily start generating in-depth reports about your sales performance across the board.

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