Are You Running Your WhatsApp Campaigns Right?

Relying solely on Conversational AI is disastrous.

LivProp offers 24/7 human agents so that someone somewhere is always kept engaged with real conversations & not alienated from your campaign.

  • Retarget your site visit clients
  • Promote campaigns to existing clients for a referral
  • Churn your existing cold leads to hot
  • Spend less on telemarketing by giving them only hot leads
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LivProp gives your marketing campaigns the last mile reach with dedicated 24/7 Live Human Agents

Your sales team gets ONLY hot leads!😎

Set Up Effective WhatsApp Campaigns

300 300+ businesses across industries use LivProp. 

  • Broadcast Campaigns

  • Unique

    24/7 Human Agents

  • Custom Notifications

  • CRM Integrations

  • Reply In 50 seconds

  • Send Promotional Images

  • Quick & Easy Setup

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  • Instant engagement with 24/7 live human agents

  • Reinitiate conservation with website visitors

  • Churn your existing cold leads into hot leads

  • Better engagement rates and response time

  • Manage analytics for delivery/read

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