Enable your sales team to receive more leads, respond faster and close more deals

If your sales team is the “revenue-generating engine” driving your company, “good quality leads” is the fuel that powers that engine..

A great sales team is a precisely calibrated machine that seamlessly converts acquired leads into paying customers. To be successful, you need to optimally manage the following three aspects of the sales process – generating good quality leads, reaching out to your leads before the competition and closing each and every opportunity.

With this in mind, let’s have a deeper look at how you can consistently generate quality leads and convert them into paying customers. We will also evaluate using live chat to create a better way of converting casual visitors into interested leads.

Dial-up your lead acquisition rates

It is essential to generate good quality leads for an effective Sales team. But most sales teams don’t have a strategy to consistently acquire quality leads. Instead, they try to acquire leads from conventionally available channels. This approach often leads to wasted time and disappointing sales efforts.

Instead, you should focus on generating leads through various online and digital channels, that allow you to reach and communicate with your target audience.

The only drawback of these digital channels is that digital platforms have very low conversion rates. Over 97% of the visitors leave your website before they become leads or even familiarising themselves about your products & services.

In this situation, one should create a systematic way of communicating and engaging with your visitors. The moment you are able to engage with your visitors, it’ll increase your lead and sales conversion. 

This could be done through a live chat solution on your website. By having 24×7 website chat option, you’ll be able to continually engage with visitors who come to your website.

This will allow you to answer specific client questions. In turn, this will increase number of online leads and its quality.

Start asking better questions

As per research by Microsoft Corporation, our average attention span has dropped to a fickle 8 seconds, which is lower than that of a goldfish. Usually, most businesses struggle to reach-out to leads when they still have their attention. Without the right workflow, they also fail to force them to take their next step.

Let’s say that you have already acquired the lead contact information. Even then, you’ll need to hold the visitor’s attention and engage them to the next level. 

A proactive live chat solution can help you collect more relevant information about each customer. This would enable you to obtain more insightful details on customer-specific information. Later, this information will enable you to have a productive conversation with a much better chance of closing deals.

Make your sales team work easier

As per research, a sales team spends almost 80% of its efforts on activities that don’t directly lead to closures. This could involve different processes such as aggregating inquiries, evaluating each enquiry, feeding lead information into CRM, etc.

Needless to say, these activities will continually sap away your sales team’s time and energy. Added to this, if the lead if not validated, it eats away more of your resources. An experienced sales professional is a valuable resource with the ability to work only for limited hours. So, if all the inbound leads can be validated for authenticity before it reaches your sales team, it would make them more efficient.

This could be done through a well-trained and dedicated pre-sales team, who verify & validate all the leads through one-to-one interaction. This will allow you to eliminate low-quality enquiries and information-seekers within the initial phase of lead processing and your expert sales experts need to interact with only qualified leads and focus exclusively on interacting with qualified leads and closing them.

Close more deals by improving your sales cycle

Live chat for sales cycle

Most high-value purchases, such as in the real estate sector, have a longer sales cycle. Throughout this duration, the visitors  are constantly comparing your products/services with other options available in the market. 

If you are able to engage and nurture the lead during this period and leave an impression in the mind of the visitor, you have secured the lead from deflection. This strategy will also ensure that your prospects are ready to purchase your product at a future point of time.


Today, and end-to-end sales is a multi-step process. Each step depends on the success of the preceding steps.

A 24×7 website live chat solution gives you the best chance to convert each visitor into a paying customer. This involves lead generation, lead qualification, lead processing and final lead closure.

At LivProp, we enable a better way to manage the different moving parts of your sales process. This will give your sales team the best chance to close more deals consistently.

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