What are the best channels to generate leads that convert in 2020?


Today’s marketer’s job isn’t just to acquire leads, but to generate leads that converts into paying customers in 2019 and beyond…

For this, you need to discover and focus on your best lead generation channels.

Let me explain.

As it is, there are numerous marketing channels available to a modern marketer. To be successful, one needs to take a hard look at the different channels. Then, pick the best and discard the rest. This will help you generate the best leads for your pre-sales operations.

Also, multiple marketing companies are also coming-up with innovative ways to market their product or Service.

This allows you to have a steady stream of quality inbound visitors. Later, you can employ a lead magnet or live chat option to engage and convert these leads.

In reality, it’s easier said than done. Most marketing channels don’t yield the results they promise or they even obscure the most effective channels.

If you want to know the solution, keep reading….

Omni-channel Mindset for 2020 marketing

Until a few years ago, all marketing processes were considered independent skills.

For example, an ‘SEO’ was solely responsible improving the website rankings and traffic. By just following SEO activities, you could generate enough traffic to realistically generate more leads in your website.

Today, you need to interact with customer through different touch points to generate the final sale. The number of touch points basically dependent on the price of the product.

For example, a Laptop required four touch points whereas a T-shirt only required 1.7 touch points.

For reference, check-out this image by Google that showcase the importance of multi-touch point marketing.

To be a kickass marketer in 2020, you need to combine different channels towards bringing-on more leads. You need to combine Google Search, Facebook, Twitter, Website Live chat and instagram.

For example, consider the image below. This is detailed description of how you can target users in each channel.

A desktop user could be targeted by these channels. These include Google search, Emails and Website Live chat.

Next, let’s look into the mobile device. For a mobile user, we can utilize the different channels such as Instagram, Facebook and Website Live chat.

Next, users will be using Tablet at the end of the day to unwind. During this time, you can utilize Google search ads or display ads to target these users. 

By combining all these different channels you’ll more likely to generate the much needed attention and traction within your marketing process. In turn, this will result in more long-term traction for your business.

Among these channels, Live chat is likely to give the best exposure for your business as it direct interaction with your prospect.

Benefits of choosing the right marketing channel for generating leads

Let’s just consider the benefits of choosing the right marketing channel.

  1. You can divert the money and effort spent on wrong marketing activities to right channels.
  2. You can close customers whom you can retain or up-sell more easily
  3. Your sales team needs to work significantly less to close every inbound lead.
  4. You can better tailor overall better marketing strategies that’ll lead up-to improved results.

In turn, this would lead to most effective form of your marketing and overall business process. Later, you can create better marketing strategies for the best overall results.

This will keep your business always buzzing more and get more sales-ready leads for your sales team. No better way to ensure consistent revenue growth, right?

Absolutely, Yes.

Next, we will look into the Pareto principle of lead generation for businesses.

Pareto principle of Lead Generation

There’s an underlying rule about managing effort and result. It’s known as Pareto principle. As per pareto principle, 20% of your actions is responsible for 80% result or benefit. In other words, you can reap 80% benefit by just getting right 20% of the action.

In my experience, Pareto principle holds true when it comes to the overall marketing campaigns. You can make major leaps in progress by focusing on channels that could potentially drive the lions share of your traffic and online leads.

Without further adieu, let’s look into the best marketing channels to generate leads that’ll drive maximum conversions.

1. Organic Local SEO

If you are a normal business, you are likely to think of SEO in terms of website optimization and highly prized back links from big News publications such as Yahoo news or Forbes. Although these are certainly lucrative opportunities, local SEO has steadily grown into an important tool in the SEO expert’s toolkit.

So, let’s think about Local SEO for a moment.

The general SEO practices are intended to improve search rankings across the board and geographies. Meanwhile, the local SEO is intended to improve rankings within specific local areas. This could be within the Google local map rankings or locally relevant keywords. I’ve included a short youtube video which would give you more details about the project.

A locally SEO gives you exposure to the local buyers in our own vicinity. This will allow you to reach-out and promptly convert leads, which may not be possible with clients across continents or countries.

2. LinkedIn Organic Marketing

If you’re selling professional services or could be related to professional operations, you need to start straightaway start to carefully study and leverage LinkedIn as one of your chief lead generation channel. Even if you don’t have the budget to run an expensive LinkedIn ad campaign, you might want to look at LinkedIn as a channel to get more eyeballs on your business.

When it comes to LinkedIn, having the ability to catch eye and imagination is more important than almost every other factor. Pay attention to the tiniest of details. It will yield handsomely in terms of prospect attention and LinkedIn messages.

This will allow you to capture a certain personal flair at capturing personal attention within personal profile.  You may also make sure that your profile is remains professional and not overtly goofy.

On an end note, LinkedIn is a well-monitored social networking channel and it’s known to ban profiles for promotional activities. But it could still be your shortest way towards the ideal prospect.

3. Segmented and well-targeted Google Ads

I know what you are thinking. Google ads have been there since the beginning of the web. What makes it earn its position as a channel that could generate leads that convert in 2019?

For sure, Google ads can be termed the grandpa of all online lead generation channels. But it still continues to evolve even faster than competitors. For example, let’s check the Favicon based Google ads for mobile that was launched just last month.( second portion of 2019).

With the Google ads becoming homogeneous, this would drive more mobile ad traffic. In this situation, you can leverage this situation through spending more on mobile Google ad expenditure.

It also allows you to spend more time and attention on optimizing your mobile website. In turn, this allows you to stick more time on your website while enabling better transactions through your website.

As per searchengineland, it’s time that marketeers start seriously looking into cross device advertising strategies. Through Json-LD tracking codes, you’ll be able to shortly track visitors across PC and mobile to generate higher traction.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is optimized-3ktw.jpg

In this way, you can instantly improve your website engagement which’ll increase your lead conversions.

4. Referral marketing and word-to-mouth Recommendations

As it is, today’s audience can easily get inundated with marketing messages. As per research, an average user sees more than 1000 ads a day. This means that your advertising message needs to stand-out of the rest. Otherwise, the already overwhelmed audience member could fail to even notice your ads.

In this situation, a referral marketing campaign could be the easiest way to resonate with your audience members. A successful referral marketing campaign could take different forms.

Commonly, referral marketing takes two forms.

  1. Word-of-mouth publicity
  2. your audience recommending your product in yelp or other industry review website
  3. Social media recommendations. This could be Facebook for B2C clients and LinkedIn for B2B clients.

If are interested at developing your own referral growth channel, I would recommend taking a referral-marketing course so that your efforts are always well-poised to succeed.

5. Account-based marketing

Today, most businesses are trying to close the biggest deals at their disposal. Instead of the marketing activities that focus on the top of the funnel, businesses need to shift their focus towards the bottom and mid funnel activities.

Enter account-based marketing.

Basically, an account-based marketing refers to the basic set of strategies to gain and customer attention for a particular product. Later, the customers are also enticed to sign-up for their services.

It collects a large number of emails and phone numbers of prospective customers. At this point, it filters down the total leads to a few handfuls of prospects that are likely to sign-up for the product or services.

In this way, your entire marketing and sales process could be focused around increasing the engagement for the live articles.

The account based marketing happens to be a lengthy and time consuming process. We really can’t discuss the granular details of an ABM process in this article. Instead, you can checkout this detailed article that discusses ABM processes in detail.

In this way, an ABM will combine sales and marketing practices in a streamlined way. This will also reinforce your sales funnel to always keep a log of quality prospects.

6. Website Conversion optimization

Typically, all typical marketing activities were essentially focused around maximizing your website traffic. A successful campaign would consistently bring-in more visitors to the website. Later, it was taken that some percentage of these visitors would automatically turn into website visitors.

With conversion rate optimization, you’ll be able to create visitor experience visitors that’ll systematically improve your lead conversions.

7. Facebook Live videos and Youtube

Most of the small and medium businesses still depend on text-based content to get the word around about their business. But today, most people would prefer consuming video content through their mobiles.

In this situation, a Facebook Live video and youtube channel could garner you more online attention. If you can gain more online attention, it could be easily turned into website hits and consequently more sales.

Similarly, a webinar also could be a great way to demonstrate your product quality and expertise.

With everyone having a premium camera in their mobile, you cannot find any reason not to run any Facebook live videos and Youtube channel.


As all marketers know, it’s really hard to generate quality leads. It’s even harder to generate leads that’ll convert into paying customers.

But only a few of these are best lead generations channels that consistently sends quality traffic to your website. On the other hand, having to invest on the wrong channels can be an enormous drain on your time and energy.

In this blog, we went through different lead generation channels and tactics for 2019 and beyond. If you think that we should add any new lead generation channels or strategies, please add them as comments below. We are always hyped up for new ideas and tips.


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