Live chat for Website interactions – 10 Do’s and Don’ts

The right website interactions are a boost in the arm for your website revenue while the wrong interaction could drive away potential customers.

Having the right tools and systems will help you amplify your website interactions.

In this blog, we’ll discuss 10 Do’s and Don’ts for using live chat for website interactions. This will help you utilize integrated live chat to drive business interactions and thereby higher revenue.

By having the right approach to manage live chat interactions, you’ll be able to make your visitors engage on your website. Through live chat interactions, you can start conveying your business-value and landing more sales opportunities.

In this situation, having the right chat script and tools can make the difference to your website interactions. As a 24X7 live chat service provider, we have figured out what’s makes the most difference with the live chat interactions.

Without further adieu, let’s look into the 10 do’s and don’ts while managing your Website conversations through live chat.

Sure-fire do’s while managing live chat interactions


  1. Provide contextually relevant answers
  2. A/B Test and optimize the chat script
  3. Always use a positive tone of voice
  4. Always focus on increasing visitor engagement
  5. Have a clear objective for managing chat interactions
  6. Always have a wait time of less than one minute
  7. Always have encrypted security for your data
  8. Do proper Lead nurturing using Live Chat
  9. Always be empathetic to the lead interactions


Definite Dont’s for managing live chat interactions


  1. Don’t be too Salesy
  2. Don’t rush the interaction
  3. Don’t rely too much on chat scripts
  4. Don’t give cut-and-dried answers
  5. Don’t use Facebook chatbot for mass messaging
  6. Don’t push visitors to reveal their contact information
  7. Don’t have an inbuilt system to manage sales leads
  8. Don’t have too many handovers during Chat
  9. Don’t fail to provide solutions to service queries


By following the ‘sure-fire Do’s for live chat’ you’ll come closer to actually achieving the website chat objectives. On the other hand, the ‘Definite Dont’s for managing live chat’ for handling live chat will see your visitors bouncing-off your live chat and leaving your website.

As the first step, let’s look at what could definitely provide a positive impact at driving your live chat interactions in the forward direction.

How to positively engage with your website Visitors?

Have you ever had the experience where you are chatting with someone and you come away with the feeling that you’re not engaged in the conversation. You can say the same about live chat interaction.

The right live chat protocols and rules will help you connect and engage with your audience. These will also help you make sure that you’re properly communicating clearly with your recipient.

  1. Provide contextually relevant answers

A few years ago Google revealed that a significant portion of all new searches is brand new terms coined by individual users. You can say almost the same about the live chat interactions. Most live chat conversations include brand new terms that require specific answers. In this sense, the live chat operator should be able to respond through definite answers that’ll improve your overall lead conversions.

  1. Optimize the chat script through A/B testing

As mentioned earlier, the objective of a chat script would be to increase website engagement. And, most companies like to utilize a chat script. Having to optimize the chat script is a low hanging fruit for most websites. Through optimizing the chat script, more visitors could also be nudged to prolong the conversation.

  1. Always try to improve visitor engagement

Most chat agents are usually unclear about the primary objective of their website interactions. Even though acquiring lead contact details can be a great asset, the live chat could better benefit users through prolonged website engagement through live chat. Along with greatly improving the website experience, this will also achieve greater customer retention and product up-sell opportunities.

  1. Always use a positive tone of voice

As a chat agent, you should try to maintain a positive tone of voice within all your chat interactions. A normal visitor is much more likely to respond to a positive tone of voice than a negative or even a neutral tone of voice. Having to infuse a positive tone of voice usually include denoting ‘Yes’ and reciprocating to the visitor questions.

  1. Being empathetic to the lead interactions

In customer service, empathy is considered one of the most important virtues. The same could be said about live chat services. Ideally, a live chat agent should focus on actually understanding and resolving specific customer queries to lead down to further resolutions.

  1. Have a clear objective behind chat interaction

An experienced chat agent should be able to segment between different user segments. For example, a visitor looking to learn more about the product or service has great potential to become a paying customer. In this situation, these visitors should be handed as a sales prospect. Also, they should be handed over to the sales team.

  1. Always have a lead wait time of less than one minute

Yes. Having a wait time on new phones calls are frowned upon by most customers. But when it comes to live chat, visitors have expectations of being readily attended at all times. A chat agent should be able to simultaneously handle more than one chat interaction. In this situation, having a live chat system should have wait times of less than one minute.

  1. Always protect your chat data

In recent years, we have witnessed many cases of high profile data theft and forgery. This means that clients are usually insecure about sharing their confidential data in the chat window. In this situation, a chat should be able to proactively secure their live chat information through encryption. This will help you ensure more secure chat interactions.

  1. Utilize live chat for nurturing leads

On second thoughts, live chat isn’t just a way to acquire new leads. They can also act as a channel to nurture your existing leads. Through live chat, you can give relevant information to website visitors.

What are the definite don’ts during a live chat interaction?

With the above pointers, you might be able to make the visitors stick to your website and turn them into potential opportunities. Meanwhile, the below pointers will definitely drive your visitors away from your business.

In other words, these blunders should be avoided at any cost at managing your live chat operations.

1. Don’t be too Salesy

Both marketing and sales could benefit through live chat through only not doing one thing; Not being overtly Salesy. If you’re purely salesy, it’s likely that your visitors would bounce away from not only your live chat window, but most likely from your website.

2. Don’t rush the interaction

Most prospects would have their own pace of moving forward with the interactions. In this situation, having to rush the interaction through frequently asking the visitor to make an action would hamper the natural flow of information.

3. Don’t rely too much on chat scripts

Most businesses have pre-tailored chat scripts to be used by the agents. Ideally, most visitors would like their chat interactions to be lively and organic. If you’re too much reliant on these chat scripts, it might affect the natural flow of interaction.

4. Don’t give cut-and-dried answers

The chat agent should take the time and energy to understanding specific questions. In these situations, cut-and-dried answers will become problematic for the user.

5. Don’t use Facebook chatbot for mass messaging

In the recent years, the facebook chatbox has replaced the traditional chatbot. Although it provides great convenience at reaching out to users, it needs to be carefully utilized. Otherwise, your user may likely mark your messages as spam.

6. Don’t push visitors to reveal their contact information

In a lead generation focused business, the chatbot could be a great way to acquire new prospect information. Once you have the right way to attract users, it’ll automatically generate new visitors.

7. Don’t have an inbuilt system to manage sales leads

It’s said that a new lead would have only 100% less chance of conversion after the first five minutes of lead acquisition. In this situation, having a priority based system for handing over qualified sales leads could boost your sales process.

8. Don’t have too many handovers during chat

For a normal business, the people accessing chat would have multiple various requirements. In this situation, there should be an effective way to seamlessly handover each interaction to the right team.

9. Don’t fail to provide solutions to service queries

As it is, acquiring a new customer is ten times more costly than acquiring a new customer. With this in mind, a visitor who’s an existing customer should be proactively attended like a brand new customer.

 10. Don’t clutter the chat window

It’s important to keep a good hygiene of the chat window. Ideally, a chat window should be a blank slate for customer interaction. Instead, most Chat windows double-up as advertising for chat software. This could be determental to the website that actually provides the chat solution.


By providing the right live chat experience, you can systematically create a better way of managing your business interactions. This will also help your customers make the right decisions when it comes to your new business interactions. It may even act as a primer to drive higher business revenue.

In this article, we’ve discussed simple and easily-implementable protocols for your live chat interactions. Through these 10 do’s and don’ts you can improve your live chat engagement while avoiding the loopholes that occurs by default.


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