For real estate builders and sales managers: Start 4X-ing your website leads and calls through proactive live chat answering services.

Real estate lead generation, Start doing it the easier way

To consistently generate project sales, your sales team should have a filled sales pipeline. This means that you need to generate more leads. In turn, this means more qualified leads, interested site visits and deal negotiations.

As a realtor, you may try to ramp-up your lead generation through additional ad campaigns or cold-calling. But these efforts could be generating low quality leads.

In turn, this may require a dedicated team to manage the available leads. All these means that quality real estate leads are getting costlier to acquire and tougher to close.

Livprop website interaction services provides a more effective and cost-friendly way of managing your website opportunities.

Livprop Proactive live chat for real estate drives maximum qualified leads

Our 24/7 live chat services will proactively engage and maximize your website lead generation.

  1. 24/7 proactive real human live chat engages your valuable visitors.
  2. Shares information on project offers, loans etc.
  3. Creates and boosts visitor interest on individual projects.
  4. Integrated call connect feature connects qualified leads on phone.
  5. Reach-out to leads and fixes your site visits.

Livprop provides a complete workflow to streamline and convert your website visitors into qualified leads. In turn, this maximizes your website visitor to sales conversions.

Human enabled chat vs Chatbot vs Online Forms

Let’s say a potential lead visits your realtor website. In the ideal situation, you should have the quickest and most efficient way of connecting your sales team to the new potential opportunity.

To connect with your live visitor, you'll have three options.

Specially-trained agent for real estate vs automated chatbot vs online forms. Let's compare these options.

Proactive-Option One-to-One Engagement Information Sharing Lead Qualification Personalization
Human-enabled Chat

By immediately engaging with your visitors on a one-to-one basis, you will be better able to convert each visitor into a potential sales opportunity.

This provides the most seamless way of transitioning your website visitor into a qualified lead and sales prospect.

In turn, this will boost your number of project site visits and rate of deal closures. On your behalf, an outsourced live chat agent for real estate can proactively engage and respond to each website visitor. This will incrementally improve your lead conversions and total sales.

Additional benefits of using human-enabled live chat for real estate

Apart from generating better quality leads, having real estate chat services can also help you achieve higher conversions with your existing leads. Here are a few benefits of using human-enabled live chat in your real estate business.

Streamline and improve visitor to lead conversions


Imagine connecting to your sales prospects as they are viewing your property online. You may even want to have a live conversation with high value leads at the earliest.

Our phone connect feature allows you to connect with visitor at this moment. This will dramatically improve your project site visits, creating best chances for closing the deal.

Personalize online interactions

As an online chatbot or online form can only deliver generic responses, it'll cause sharp decline in your general number of leads across the board. A live chat answering service based on individual prospect needs creates more one-to-one engagement. This will lead to more lead conversions.

A real chat agent personalizes each visitor interactions. For a realtor with multiple projects under its brand, the ability to provide specific answers will skyrocket lead conversions.


Build a better real estate sales funnel


If you can generate more quality leads and sales phone calls, it'll enable you to have access to much more opportunities. In turn, this will help you build a bigger and better sales funnel. This will generate more long-term opportunities for your real estate project.

Live chat-based lead generation can 5X your qualified leads and sales prospecting phone calls. All the while, it’ll be creating more opportunities to close the deal.

In short, live chat for real estate can work as a live engagement tool for your potential leads. By engaging with your leads at the right moment, it'll lead to more real-life project site visits and final deal closures. In this way, real estate companies can discover and close more opportunities through realtor live chat.

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